Padel is set to become the sport of the 3rd Millennium.

It is a brand new sport launched in India by Inpadel Pvt. Ltd.

Out of every 10 people in India, ask if they have heard of the game, it is likely that at least 9 will say, No! And yet, ask anyone who has had the opportunity to play it while on a holiday in Spain or Argentina, they will all say “Yes, I love the sport!”

It was invented in the late 1960’s in Mexico and has become very popular in the whole of Latin America, including parts of the USA.

In Europe the sport has begun its conquest, not surprisingly, through Spain, where the immigrants introduced it from Latin America. Figures vary but at least 8 million people in Spain regularly play the sport and virtually every town has multiple Padel courts.

It is quickly becoming clear that its popularity in the rest of Europe is set to increase. Many tourists that travel to Spain or other neighbouring countries are discovering this entertaining sport, and are looking for facilities back home to practice it all year round.

Padel is a mix of Tennis and Squash. It is generally played in doubles, and the ball is allowed to touch the surrounding walls after it bounces off the floor. It follows the same point system as Tennis but with an underhand service.

The racquets are perfectly adaptable if you are coming from another racquet sport. They have no strings, and are made of multiple composites such graphite, carbon fiber and foam. The ball used is the same as tennis but with a reduced pressure depending on altitude, the compact size of the court and the use of surrounding walls, which are an important part of the game.

With around 20 million-estimated players worldwide, Padel is considered to be one of the fastest growing sport in the world.

Indias’s first Padel court is installed in Bengaluru. You can soon enjoy Padel in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai & Hyderabad!