Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0

Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0

🎾  Open Tournament 🎾
16 Teams
32 Players

🏆 Date: 6th August’ 17
Venue: PLaY  🏆

The stage was set. All the teams showed up in high spirits, eager to be crowned as the champions of BPC v2.0. It was delightful to see the teams geared up for the tournament on a  lazy Sunday morning! A wave of excitement and enthusiasm surrounded the air as onlookers were anxious to see this new type of sport being played with a fun & competitive spirit.

Tournament Format:

Group Stage: Round Robin
Scoring System: Super tie break to 11 Points.

The top team from each group proceeded to play the Semi-finals & Finals

Scoring system:

Semi-finals- 5 games
Finals- 1 set (6 games)

Semi-final 1- Aces & A’s beat Dare Doubles
Semi-final 2- Spanish Aces beat Serve & Volley

Final- Spanish Aces beat Aces & A’s

Winners- Spanish Aces

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