This is a pillar-based model. It is a low cost court, designed for those organizations (sports centers, Padel clubs, town halls) that are looking for a greater return on their investment.

The pillar design of the court provides great stability, as each pillar adds reinforcement to give optimum wind and impact resistance, according to the CTE.

A special feature of this court is the welded mesh frames in PDS tubing, to cover all protrusions and prevent problems during play.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor play. Built and installed as a turnkey project.


This court is designed for clubs and spectators.

It is a simple structure providing excellent views for spectators.

A court with wide glass panes at its ends, with no pillars or tubing to block views of the action. Widely used as a centre court in clubs holding events or competitions.

The ends consist of wide glass panes held by a reinforcing structure, with the sides identical to the Pillar court framework.