1) What is the size of a Padel court ?

Ans: It is 20 M X 10 M.


2) What is the maximum space required to install a Padel Court ?

Ans: The minimum area required is 22 m X 14 m. This incudes the seating and peripheral safety areas.


3) What is the minimum area required to install a Padel court ?

Ans: Minimum area required is 2,200 sq ft.


4) Is it an indoor court or an outdoor court ?

Ans: Suited for both – Indoor & outdoor conditions.


5) How Fast Can the Court be installed ?

Ans: Once the base structure is ready, it takes about 7 days.


6) How about the orientation of the court ?

Ans: The preferred orientation is North-South.


7) What other considerations go into court position & location ?

Ans: Viewing area, Drainage, Access, Trees etc.


8) What kind of soils do we need?

Ans: As far as possible, we require virgin soil/land for construction of court. The soil must be “very well compacted” if it is a filled up land.


9) Is it necessary to give Anti termite treatment to the soil ?

Ans: Yes, it is necessary to prevent a termite attack and it also helps in preventing unwanted weed growth in the future.


10) Does the area have to be levelled ?

Ans: Mostly it has to be a levelled ground, where in a slight slope is provided to one side of the court. If it is not a levelled area, the ground has to be levelled and “well compacted”.


11) Is it necessary to construct any retaining walls adjacent to a court ?

Ans: If it is a flat land, a retaining wall is not required, but if there is a level difference between the playing area and any immediate surrounding, a retaining wall may be required.


12) What are the types of Padel courts ?

Ans: We deal and supply only top quality Pillar Courts & Panoramic Courts.


13) How should be the adjacent landscaping ?

Ans: There tends to be a problem with trees which are too close to the courts due to the irrigation system that allows water into the soils immediately. Large bushes which have sizable root systems need to be kept away from the courts.


14) Is a thorough investigation of the site necessary ?

Ans: Installing a sports pitch without proper investigation of the site conditions and quality of the ground amounts to significant technical and financial risk for the operators.


15) Do we require a sub base ?

Ans: Yes. The base layer usually consists of crushed rock, called sub-base. The ground onto which the sub-base is placed, is called the formation. Together, the formation and sub-base provides a pitch’s structural strength.


16) Do we require an engineering consultant for the construction of the court ?

Ans: Yes, to make sure that the court is properly installed and lasts longer.


17) Do we require skilled technician for the erection of the court ?

Ans: Yes, it is required for proper installation and erection of court.


18) Are The Courts Safe And Easy To Maintain?

Ans: Yes, it is easy. A single person can easily maintain the court.


19) Can the court be built on a roof top/ terrace ?

Ans: Yes, It can be built on a roof top. A feasibility analysis of the structure has to be carried out for existing buildings.


20) Can multiple courts be installed in one location ?

Ans: Yes, if enough space is available, multiple courts can be installed.


21) Court lighting details ?

Ans: Our courts come with pre fitted LED lights.


22) What is the playing surface ?

Ans:ITF approved Artificial turf 11-13 mm.


23) Are spare parts and spare glasses available for the court ?

Ans: Yes, we have a supply of spares. In case something is not available, we will arrange for the same in 30 days from the order date .


24) What is the average weight of the court ?

Ans: ~9 tonnes


25) What is the warranty of the court ?

Ans: 5 years.


26) Is the court as per International Padel standards ?

Ans: Yes, all our courts satisfy the International standards and regulations.


27) Can international events be conducted on our Padel courts ?

Ans: Yes, our courts are Internationally approved.


28) What is the maintenance equipment required for a court ?

Ans: a) Brush to spread the silica sand .

b) Glass cleaner for the glasses.
c) Tools for regular tightening of screws (nuts and bolts).
d) Spray paint


29) Is the court built to survive outdoor and coastal areas ?

Ans: Yes, our all-weather courts are fully treated and protected against any corrosion.

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