It is almost 5 years that Chhattisgarh embarked on an ambitious project to develop itself as the “Sports Hub” of India. In terms of sports infrastructure, like the new cricket stadium that dazzled everyone with its world-class qualities, and a host of other ambitious projects, augmented with the residents of the state showing exceptional enthusiasm towards sports, the state has grown in the area of sports by leaps and bounds.

It is only expected that Raipur, the state capital, becomes the second Indian city to welcome Padel. InPadel, in collaboration with Racketlon are setting up their first Padel court outside Bangalore.

What does this mean for Raipur, and for the rest of the country ?

Padel provides a large number of adult professionals an opportunity of a healthy pastime. In a world where gadgets and TV are turning adults and kids alike into couch potatoes, Padel provides an opportunity for all age-groups to come out and enjoy a fun game as a social unit, without the risk of fatigue or injury. It provides the kids yet another sport that they could aim to represent India in.

Specifically, Padel would provide the women of Raipur a great way of making fitness a part of their life within their schedule and budget. It would provide women a fun and addictive route to fitness, in the company of their friends and social circles. Padel would, in no time, become the favourite choice of women for unwinding and letting it go without exhausted. The downside of most other fitness regimes are that they get very expensive or exhausting or monotonous or lonesome. Padel is the perfect anti-dote to all of these.

It provides a host of other subsidiary businesses to flourish. Padel, being a social sport, is often clubbed with food courts and bar counters. It provides the sports equipment merchants to open up a completely new line of business. It provides event organizers to come together and organize family, social and corporate events around Padel.

It offers the residents of Raipur an opportunity to create outstanding professional Padel players who could easily compete at the international level, as there is little competition in the country right now. It gives sports event professionals to organize professional Padel leagues.

Like any outstanding product, Padel has the potential to not only bring success to itself but carry through it a large number of businesses and individuals along with it.

This brilliant move by the visionary young entrepreneur, Abhishek Artwani of Racketlon and the promising partnership between InPadel and  Racketlon is all set to transform the face of sports in Raipur,  Chhattisgarh and the whole of the eastern India. It is also a perfect example of what the second and third tier cities of India could achieve by virtue of a dreamy mind and an entrepreneurial spirit.

We welcome Abhishek Artwani to the InPadel family and we look forward to making Padel “THE” happening sport not only in Raipur, but in Chhattisgarh and the whole of Eastern India.


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