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We create trends in sports equipment

With certified products and 100% Portuguese, we dictate trends combining innovation, experience, knowledge, rigor and professionalism. With the athletes and their modalities always in mind, we are the ideal partners, tireless in creating more and better for the world of sport.

Indoor Flooring

The Best Indoor Modular Floor in the World was designed to provide comfort and safety to those who play. Naxos range is ideal for indoor sport venues. It combines durability and portability, with resistance and aesthetics. Without maintenance costs.

Outdoor Flooring

Drainage and performance for Outdoor Venues as never seen before. This is the business card of the Patmos range. The 100% Portuguese floor was designed to improve the outdoor sports practice. Quick installation, with no maintenance costs and 15 years warranty.

Wooden Flooring

Because we want to be always one step ahead and maintain a strong trend in the sports market, we present you our Kythnos Wood Flooring. Our floors are made of noble wood flooring, offer resistance and comfort in high temperature and humidity conditions.


Unlike fixed sports floor, our floor is completely and easily portable. If, in the future, you want or need to move the floor to another place you just need to do it.

15 Years Warranty

Our warranty is a “full time warranty” which means that we freely replace any component in the 15 years for free, unlike other known sports floor producers that only do it for free in the first 5 or 6 years.

Patented Product

A unique underlayment rubber is design in a way that creates an “air cushion” under the tiles, allowing even greater shock absorption, making our Indoor Floor even more comfortable and safer for the athletes.

7 fixation points

All the other solutions have less fixation points, usually 4, 5 or 6 fixations points. This allows a more secure connection of our floor and increases its stability.

Perfect Surface

The surface of our floor is designed to allow a perfect level of grip in all directions for all sports including sports on skates, like inline hockey or roller hockey. Unlike some “spongy” flooring we have a hard surface that enables perfect ball rebound.

No Maintenance Costs

Our solutions do not require costly periodic maintenance, carried out with equipment and specialized personnel. With our floors is only necessary to perform a cleaning with a common mop and a common detergent (neutral pH) when you feel necessary.

Easy Damage Repairs

Some floors are simply impossible or very costly to repair the damage. With our solutions the repairs are easy, economical and very fast allowing the use of the floor again in a few minutes. When the Sports Floor is damaged you just need to replace the damaged tile(s), which is very easy and inexpensive.

High Resistance

Not only it has a high resistance to extreme temperature conditions, but it also is an antibacterial product that does not create bacteria and fungus. Even more important, they are completely water and humidity resistant.


Very easy assembly / disassembly through fittings male / female, and it is applicable in any final solid surface, including existing floors. Our floors don’t need any kind of glue or other fixing materials, they are just applied over the existing solid surface, and gravity does the work.

Water Drainage

The outdoor sports floor is designed to allow maximum water drainage, avoiding the creation of water puddles. The biggest quantity of water passes trough directly to the concrete base, remaining only on the surface little drops of water that completely evaporate at about 5 to 10 minutes after stop raining.

Athlete’s protection

Through the vertical and lateral shock abortion, due to the milimetric gaps between the tiles, the physical integrity of the athletes is protected. More comfort due to its excellent impact absorption to minimize risk of injury at the joints and lower back.

Extreme Durability

Our warranty is a “full time warranty” which means that we freely replace any component in the 15 years for free, unlike other known sports floor producers that only do it for free in the first 5 or 6 years, after that the client must pay a percentage of the commercial floor price in that date.

Sports Flooring

With a Global Partner Network distributed worldwide, we are present in several countries.

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