Benefits of Indoor Padel Courts vs Outdoor Padel Courts

Padel is a sport that transcends the conventional sporting plane. It is not just a fast-paced, easy-to-learn-and-play, fun sport, but it has evolved into a social lifestyle. All over the Europe, Padel is the platform for socializing through the most addictive sport. Padel involves a pre-match and post-match. In countries like Spain, where the number [...]

September 8th, 2018|blog, Events, League, Padel|

InPadel Padel Premier League – An Opportunity To Emerge As A Corporate Athlete

Padel has provided an opportunity for several adult professional to find their passion back into active sports. As it is fun and easy to learn and play, Padel has been the return path to active playing for a large number of professionals. A substantial number of professionals have Padel as their means for fitness and relaxation. Although [...]

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1st Prize Money Padel Tournament’18 – Overview & Highlights

1st Prize Money Padel Tournament’18!  ?  Open Tournament ? 12 Teams 24 Players ? Date: 3rd February' 18 Venue: PLaY  Arena? The stage was set. All the teams showed up in high spirits, eager to be crowned as the champions of 1st Prize Money Padel Tournament’18. It was delightful to see the teams geared up for [...]

February 6th, 2018|Events|

InPadel Sports- The First Padel Solutions Company in INDIA!

InPadel Sports is the First sports-start up company in India that is dedicated  to offer quality Padel solutions which include Design, Construction, Installation and Management of Padel courts, integrated with Coaching and Organising Events/Tournaments & Leagues.  ABOUT PADEL A mix of Tennis & Squash, Padel is an energising racket sport that has taken the world [...]

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InPadel League- Fixtures, Results, Rankings & more!

The InPadel League is a circuit of open tournaments grouped by categories for both amateur and semi-professional players, male and female. The League is aimed at both; performance players wishing to compete at a top level and social addicts seeking some competition play. All competitions of the League are open to any nationality upon registering [...]

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FREE Open Class

The primary aim of InPadel Sports is to promote and develop Padel in India. The sport of Padel is driven by demand for products and services by an ever-increasing number of players and enthusiasts and is predicted to grow very strongly in India over the next decade. We are delighted to offer FREE Group Padel [...]

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Certified Padel Training for Coaches

Entry Level Certified Padel Training for Coaches If you are a tennis/squash coach who is also interested to be a Certified Padel Coach, we at InPadel have to right solution for you. Our program caters from entry-level techniques to advanced level training. Training Location- Bangalore Time Period- Min. 2 days Duration- 8 hours   Our Philosophy [...]

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Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0- Overview & Highlights

  ?The Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0! ? ?  Open Tournament ? 16 Teams 32 Players ? Date: 6th August' 17 Venue: PLaY  ? The stage was set. All the teams showed up in high spirits, eager to be crowned as the champions of BPC v2.0. It was delightful to see the teams geared up for the tournament on [...]

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