What Will Be The Next? | InPadel Sports

Four years ago on 25th of March 2017 InPadel Sports have launched the first Padel court in India in Play Arena Bangalore. It has been 4 years since India have been experiencing Padel in [...]

Sports Partners – Sports Floor | Sports Equipment | Sport Seats | Scoreboards

Who We Are We create trends in sports equipment With certified products and 100% Portuguese, we dictate trends combining innovation, experience, knowledge, rigor and professionalism. With the athletes and their modalities always in mind, [...]

A Whole New City is embracing the opening of the First Padel Court in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

It is almost 5 years that Chhattisgarh embarked on an ambitious project to develop itself as the "Sports Hub" of India. In terms of sports infrastructure, like the new cricket stadium that dazzled everyone with its world-class [...]

“Build it, they will come” – Benefits of more Padel Locations in India

Promoting a new sport is similar to promoting a new product. It has all the challenges that a new product faces in a seemingly saturated market. "With so many games already so popular, and India [...]

Benefits of Indoor Padel Courts vs Outdoor Padel Courts

Padel is a sport that transcends the conventional sporting plane. It is not just a fast-paced, easy-to-learn-and-play, fun sport, but it has evolved into a social lifestyle. All over the Europe, Padel is the platform [...]

InPadel Padel Premier League – An Opportunity To Emerge As A Corporate Athlete

Padel has provided an opportunity for several adult professional to find their passion back into active sports. As it is fun and easy to learn and play, Padel has been the return path to active playing for [...]

A Nation of Sporting, Competitive Adults

"CHILDREN ARE GETTING TOO SEDENTARY. THEY PREFER TV/GADGETS OVER PLAYING" - this is the lamentation of a whole generation of adults bemoaning the state of affairs of the next generation. Be it parents, teachers or [...]

Nutritional habits for a Padel player

"Analysis of the main nutritional and healthy habits that must be taken into account in sports practice and especially in the sport of padel."    NUTRITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS FOR PADEL PLAYERS: According to the World Health [...]

Benefits of Playing Padel for Children

Virtually all sports are able to provide the child with multiple resources that will be beneficial for proper development in the early stages. However, the padel can be one of the most enriching sports for [...]

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1st Year Of Padel in India Tournament

Dear All Padel Lovers, pioneers and ambassadors of the sport! We would like to thank you all for being part of this journey. It has been almost a 1 year ride, since we launch the [...]

94.3 Radio One Interview With CEO & Founder of InPadel, Mr. Bhavish Bachu

Greetings from INPADEL! For those who did not have the opportunity to listen to the interview of the CEO & Founder of INPADEL SPORTS, Bhavish Bachu, you can listen here about the new sport we brought [...]

Hello Padel Interview – “Padel In India? YES!”

InPadel Sports is the First sports-start up company in India that is dedicated  to offer quality Padel solutions which include Design, Construction, Installation and Management of Padel courts, integrated with Coaching and Organising Events/Tournaments & [...]

1st Prize Money Padel Tournament’18 – Overview & Highlights

1st Prize Money Padel Tournament’18!  ?  Open Tournament ? 12 Teams 24 Players ? Date: 3rd February' 18 Venue: PLaY  Arena? The stage was set. All the teams showed up in high spirits, eager to be [...]

InPadel League’17- Results & Awards!

After 3 months of witnessing some spectacular matches, which were played across 2 Padel Court locations, the league has finally concluded. InPadel Sports was proud to successfully host India's very first Padel League for Professional [...]

InPadel Sports- The First Padel Solutions Company in INDIA!

InPadel Sports is the First sports-start up company in India that is dedicated  to offer quality Padel solutions which include Design, Construction, Installation and Management of Padel courts, integrated with Coaching and Organising Events/Tournaments & [...]

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Padel: Top Spin or No Top Spin? The Dilemma.

If you are an entry-level Padel player with some Tennis playing experience, you probably know that top spin is a key technique. But is it effective enough and should you use it in Padel? Twenty [...]

Useful Padel Tactics

Padel tactics involves not only the strategy used by a single team, but of the shot selection, court awareness and placements of every stroke. Every team should engage in smart Padel tactics and strategy in [...]

InPadel League- Fixtures, Results, Rankings & more!

The InPadel League is a circuit of open tournaments grouped by categories for both amateur and semi-professional players, male and female. The League is aimed at both; performance players wishing to compete at a top [...]

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Diwali Celebration Offer!

Sparkling Offers for Diwali Holidays! InPadel Sports wishes you and your family a happy and safe Diwali! To celebrate this occasion of lights, we are delighted to offer some special deals and offers for [...]

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First Company to Launch & Promote Padel in India!

1) Overview InPadel is an Indian sports start-up company that was founded in 2016, with its headquarters in Bangalore, India. InPadel is a state-of-the-art company offering quality Padel solutions, involving design, construction, installation and management [...]

FREE Open Class

The primary aim of InPadel Sports is to promote and develop Padel in India. The sport of Padel is driven by demand for products and services by an ever-increasing number of players and enthusiasts and [...]

InPadel League

The InPadel Pro-Am League will begin from 22nd September’17 onwards. This League is a circuit of open tournaments grouped by categories for both amateur and semi-professional players, male and female. The League is aimed at [...]

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Certified Padel Training for Coaches

Entry Level Certified Padel Training for Coaches If you are a tennis/squash coach who is also interested to be a Certified Padel Coach, we at InPadel have to right solution for you. Our program caters from [...]

InPadel Sports Mobile App

Download the InPadel Sports App which is available on Android and Apple store and book your Padel court in seconds! Key Features 1) Meet Players • Meet-up with players and groups in your neighbourhood based on [...]

Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0- Overview & Highlights

  ?The Bangalore Padel Championship v2.0! ? ?  Open Tournament ? 16 Teams 32 Players ? Date: 6th August' 17 Venue: PLaY  ? The stage was set. All the teams showed up in high spirits, eager to be [...]

Padel: Now in Hennur!

InPadel Sports is proud to launch its second Padel court in Bangalore! Located at Bulldog Sports & Recreational Center, Hennur; this Panoramic court provides spectacular viewing angles and is perfect to host Padel tournaments. CEO [...]

Tips to be a Successful Padel Pair

Have you ever stopped to think about how important it is to communicate with your Padel partner is? How it affects to your game? Well let's talk about improving communication with your partner in Padel.  Do you blame [...]

Why to Invest in Padel?

Padel has gained tremendous popularity due to its simplicity and similarities with existing racket sports. It is a mix of Tennis and Squash. It is generally played in doubles, and the ball is allowed to [...]

Advantages of Padel for Kids

It's not only adults who have fun by playing Padel, but it also gets the kids excited, no matter their age. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone. The main focus [...]

Padel: The Most Social Sport

Padel is a great social sport that lets you meet and interact with new people in a short span of time. No wonder it is a sport that has become a social phenomenon. This is [...]

The Top 10 Most Effective Players of the World Padel Tour (Women)

The Sánchez Alayeto twins dominate the win percentage stats on the World Padel Tour. You can always trust them. The best players in the World Padel Tour rankings win the majority of their matches, showing why they're at the [...]

The Top 10 Most Effective Players of the World Padel Tour (Men)

The best players on the World Padel Tour count their matches in wins and defeats. Although for these ten talents losing a match is statistically much more complicated than for the rest. They're the most effective players [...]

Techniques- Tennis vs Padel

  Padel is often compared to tennis with regards to its techniques. It is regularly said, by many, that if you can play tennis, you can play padel well, but is that so? The Basics [...]

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5 tips for choosing your Padel racket

Whether you are an advanced player or new to Padel, choosing the right racket is an important decision. There is a wide range of rackets out there on the market but not all have the [...]

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Internationalisation of the World Padel Tour

The World Padel Tour (WPT) is the most important professional Padel tournament in the world, both for the organisational level of the tournaments and for the participation of the best players at an international level. The tournaments of [...]

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InPadel Courts: Pillar & Panoramic

At InPadel, we like to take care of the details. Hence, we work on three principals: Quality, Trust and Development. Our Padel courts are designed under the International Padel Federations´ technical specifications, to respond to [...]

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InPadel Media Coverage

Established in 2016, with its headquarters in Bangalore, InPadel is the First Company to introduce the sport of Padel in India by offering state-of-the-art services that include Construction & Management of Courts, integrated with Coaching [...]

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InPadel Inaugural Event- Bangalore Padel Championship V1.0

Bangalore Padel Championship V1.0 Overview On 7th March’17, InPadel Sports announced the inaugural event for the launch of Padel in India- The Bangalore Padel Championship V1.0, which was to be scheduled on 25th March’17. The [...]

  • Official Launch of Padel in India

Official Launch of Padel in India

It was a historic day for Indian sports and a proud moment for the InPadel Team as CEO- Mr Bhavish Bachu, took to the stage at a press conference held at the Press Club of [...]

When Age is an Advantage: The World Padel Tour’s Feisty Veterans

Over two decades with a racket in the their hand and still successful in staying at the top of their game. Talent surely does not have an expiration date. They've crossed the psychological barrier of [...]

Changes in the Rules for the Upcoming WPT Season

An Overview of Some of the Changes Made in the World Padel Tour Rules The Master Final will award points to the players. The masters in 2017 will gain 1300 points. The 2017 season of [...]

Basic Rules & Regulations- India Padel

Padel is a racquet sport, which is played in doubles only. It can be played indoors or outdoors. Players are enclosed in an area measuring 10 by 20 meters with transparent glass walls and wire [...]

History and Growth of Padel

Padel is a mix of Tennis and Squash. It is an energising racquet sport played in doubles on an enclosed court structure made out of glass and metal, which is one-third the size of a [...]

Benefits of Padel

All You've Got is All It Takes! How and why did Padel become a sports phenomenon? 1) It is extremely enjoyable to play and entertaining to watch. 2) Better utilisation of space than tennis 3) [...]

No Time to Fiddle-Faddle, This is Padel!

Padel is set to become the sport of the 3rd Millennium. It is a brand new sport launched in India by Inpadel Pvt. Ltd. Out of every 10 people in India, ask if they have heard [...]

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Fastest Growing Sport in the World- Now in India!

Cricket has completely taken over other sports in India; even if there have been gold medals in sports like Archery and World Rankings in Badminton - other sports are not as popular as cricket is.Besides [...]